Despite Nuclear Medicine’s role in personalized medicine and the potential it offers with its diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities, it remains a complex discipline to be explained to all stakeholders. Very few people are aware of all the workings of this technique. Moreover, even less know about the high potential of radiolabeled molecules in therapeutic applications, which may change the way of treating cancer patients in the very near future.

The NMEU Communications Working Group’s mission is to communicate in the most efficient way all relevant information regarding Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging industry to all stakeholders and influencers, such as the European Union Parliament, the European Union Commission, EU governments, national and international pharmaceutical agencies, physicians, patient groups and the public in general. NMEU, through this Working Group, will also provide accurate scientific information to journalists that will relay it in the press.

It will be responsible for optimizing messages and selecting the right media for each occasion. The context of such communications will come from the different NMEu Working Groups, external consultants, and partners. The Group, together with the appointed by the ExCo person, will be responsible for participating in the organization of the annual NMEU Symposium.

The Group will support educational activities and may create together with assigned experts teaching materials for the NMEU related communities: patients, medical/nuclear physicians and decision-makers/influencers. 

David Crunelle Nuclear Medicine Europe
Mart Jan Blauwhoff Curium Group, Germany
Jean Bonnet IRE, Belgium
Maryam Khodaverdi Philips, The Netherlands
Jasminka Taleska AAA, France
Ira Goldman Lantheus Medical Imaging, Ireland
Kuberan Ramakrishnan GE Healthcare, The Netherlands
Geraldine Libotte Trasis, Belgium
Alkim Aydin Monrol, Romania
Jean-Michel Geets IBA, Belgium
Jean-François Gestin Atlanpôle Biotherapies, France
Fabrice Giaccomelli Nucleis, Belgium
Ludovic Wouters ANMI-Telix, Belgium
Samuel Voccia ANMI-Telix, Belgium
Dimitry Ginzburg Rotem, Israel
Matteo Melandri Comecer, Italy
Jan Schöpflin Eckert & Ziegler, Germany
Antonis Kalemis Siemens-Helathineers, Germany (XCO Supervisor)

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