Recognising the rapid progress and growing importance of therapeutic application of nuclear medicine, the NMEU Therapy working group was created to give voice to this evolving, cutting-edge sector. The working group brings insights from the therapeutic side of nuclear medicine into the activities of NMEU, alongside the role of diagnostics.

The Therapy working group meets with the other working groups to cross discuss issues of shared relevance, related to, but not limited to, radiation protection, dosimetry, medicinal products, procurement, regulation, radiation protection, reimbursement policies. The Working group develops opinions and positions on therapeutic perspective and works to ensure that these positions are well recognised and featured in key policy files at both EU and national level. Among its other activities, the group identifies and interacts with relevant stakeholders, carries out lobbying activities, collaborates and participates in official publications, public responses and further NMEU engagement activities.

The scope of the working group’s activities is two-fold. Firstly, the group strives to establish the therapeutic applications of nuclear medicine as innovative treatment paradigm – not only in the field of oncology but also in other disease areas. Secondly, the group intends to reduce the gap between industry and academic research and encourage greater collaboration between the two parts to be “stronger together for patients” (e.g.: through organisation of seminars, hot topics sessions, development of short papers for dissemination, etc.)

Ultimately, the group seeks to promote the adoption of therapeutic applications of nuclear medicine through suitable legislation and equipped healthcare systems. In this way, we will achieve a better regulatory and policy environment for the uptake of therapeutic nuclear medicine at European and national levels.

Annette StolzChair, AAA-Novartis, France
Jean-François GestinVice Chair, Arronax, France
Antonis Kalemis – XCO Supervisor, Siemens Healthineers, GermanyKonrade von Bremen – Swan Isotopen, BelgiumJean-Pierre Coulon – CEA Cadarache, France
Samy Bertrand – IBA Group, Belgium
Jean-Michel Geets – IBA Group, Belgium
Dimitry Ginzburg – Rotem, Israel
Corentin Warnier – Trasis, BelgiumJean Bonnet – IRE, BelgiumGiaccomo Guidi – Comecer, ItalyImane El Bettioui – Oranomed, FranceMart-Jan Blauwhoff – Curium, The NetherlandsIra Goldman – Lantheus Holdings, Ireland

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