Mission Statement

The safe transport of Radiopharmaceutical Products is a vital requirement for the daily practice of Nuclear Medicine. The radioactive material needs to be transported safely and effectively to meet this need. This requires a number of different parties adhering to a set of regulations that can be open for interpretation

With the purpose of proactively addressing the issues associated with the transport of radioactive products, the NMEU members have created an ad-hoc Transport Expert Group. The group was set up to have a common understanding, to define standards within the radiopharmaceutical industry within Europe for the safe transport of radioactive materials.

These standards for shipment and checking of packages and the control and audit of carriers used by the group are fundamental for the control of radioactive material. All members will adopt these standards for the most important aspects associated with the transport of radioactive products.

Original Main Aims

Define a common understanding of how we can guarantee the safety of transport and improve our standards whilst maintaining transport costs within acceptable limits.
Define a common ground for discussing with authorities on transport safety related issues and for focusing future regulations on the really important issues.
Define a common standard that we want implemented by all carriers.
Define a possible platform for deigning respective areas of responsibility and control with air carriers to avoid duplication of efforts possibly through an audit procedure.
Procedures to check parcels compliance before they leave a manufacturers premises.
Returns standard shared with the European Association for Nuclear Medicine (EANM).

Standards produced

Dose Rate Measurement for Type A and Type B Packages for Transport.
Return Procedure for Type A and B Packages.
Security of radioactive material in transit.
Audit of carriers

The Expert group are collaborating with EITA, the European Isotopes Transport Association to secure the commitment of the Carriers to ensure the safe transport and delivery of radioactive material. The Expert group have developed a system for standard auditing of carriers throughout Europe.

NMEU Transport Group consists of manufacturers, transporters and a trade body.

The Group

Chairman: Claude Poliart

Vice-Chairman: Juul Rijpkema
Manager Regulatory Compliance & Transport Security – Curium Group

Supervisor: Mart-Jan Blauwhoff
Scientific Marketing Director – Curium Group

Rob Dekkers
Global Logistics Manager SPECT/PET and Dangerous Goods Compliance – GE HealthCare

Henk Doornebos
Curium Group

Jean-Guy Dronneau
Head of Production Radiochemical and Supply – IRE

Juergen Gay
Senior CMC Expert Radiopharmaceuticals

Marc Grisard
Process Engineer – IRE

Andrea Hawerkamp
VP International Sales & Business Development – ROTOP Pharmaka

Monika Koczyk
Head of Logistics – RC POLATOM

Martijn Koenis
Manager Traffic & Customs – Curium Group

Sailesh Persand
Cyclotron Engineer – Siemens Healthcare Ltd.

Ingo Russnak
Group Leader SCM General/Deputy Head of Global SCM

Harun Seckin
Customer Supply Manager – Monrol


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The nuclear medicine sector, like everyone else, has faced and is still facing huge challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. NMEU’s Transport Expert Group surveyed its members to find out how it has affected the transport of radioactive material, from shipment and safety to controls and audits.

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