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The Improbable Triennium

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• New members
• NMEU Symposium
• Relations with the EU Parliament
• Working Group activities
• European Observatory
• The SAMIRA Plan
• New partnerships
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Activity Report 2020

Dear members of the NMEU General Assembly,
Dear friends and colleagues,

It is hard to talk about the year 2020 without dwelling too much on the coronavirus. We all know how last year was dominated by a once-in-a-century pandemic. Nonetheless, we kept our focus on our work and on offering patients access to nuclear medicine procedures. So, our story is about what we did to support the nuclear medicine sector.


This newsletter will not be like those of previous years. It will not show you meetings and social events that we would otherwise organise all over Europe and the United States.

Read the interactive activity report 2020


A nuclear medicine milestone

AIPES celebrates its 30th birthday in 2019

The date was May 5, 1989. That was when three radiopharmaceutical producers met to talk about the legal issues concerning the growing field of nuclear medicine. Their encounter 30 years ago marks the origin of our association. Today AIPES boasts more than 40 companies - from multinationals to SMEs - and our association is recognized around the world as the platform of the nuclear medicine industry in Europe.

Over the years we have managed various challenges, promoted innovation and delivered results. We aim to ensure that our products and practices are updated as new techniques and technologies emerge. We encourage dialogue: many nuclear medicine pioneers are still on board at AIPES, working with the newer players in the world of imaging.

As we approach our 30th anniversary, which we will celebrate at our next General Assembly meeting in May 2019, we realize that we still have a long way to go. But we are ready for the journey, with new projects, new ideas and your invaluable support. Once again, we would like to express how much your trust and confidence motivates us to go even further.

You did it again this year!

As the year draws to a close, we are delighted to report that it has been one of remarkable success. It is down to you: all of you who took part in the General Assembly, who led and contributed in the working groups, who are colleagues and friends of the AIPES community. Once again, you gave us your support, your confidence and your time.

It is an honor and a pleasure for us at the executive committee for the past 18 months to represent you all. We are proud to reflect your wishes, to give nuclear medicine the place it deserves in European healthcare, at the EU institution level, and to work together on behalf of patients. Halfway through our triennium, we are aware that our work would not be possible without your involvement. We look forward to continuing our mandate in the same spirit of partnership and co-operation.

AIPES Newsletter 2016

"Dear friends,

As we count down to the end of the year, I would like to thank you on behalf of the executive team of AIPES all for your contributions and your support in 2016. As our newsletter reveals, this year has been busy and successful.

Nuclear medicine is flourishing with new initiatives and innovations. The same enthusiasm is driving our activities in AIPES: our role is growing and we are becoming more visible in public policy.

We had many memorable moments in 2016, and I would like to single out our Symposium in Brussels in September, which was generously supported by the European Parliament, and generated wonderful feedback. And as you will read below, our working groups, the driving force of the association, have launched a flurry of new initiatives." (...)

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